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Hi. I’m Molly.

I’m the hands, heart and creative force behind Spirit Forward Finery.


I thrive on creating beautiful things, be it jewelry, costume accessories that make people smile, medicinal herbal remedies from my garden, delicious food or a comfortable and inviting home.  Making is what I do best.


I find my inspiration amidst my surrounding in my day to day life.  I love spending time in nature and my garden, taking in the beautiful colors each season has to offer and the animals that accompany these environments.  From the exquisite colors of spring flowers, the joy of a hummingbird, my fascination of the intricate lives of honey bees; you will see characteristics of my life and surroundings incorporated into my creations.


Each item you see in my shop is carefully handcrafted in my home studio located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California.  I hand shape and texture every component of my jewelry using traditional metal smithing techniques.  I love the look of mixed metals, and you will find that I often use a mix of silver and gold to create unique and eye catching designs.  I incorporate natural gemstones into my works, many of which are mined here in the US.  I also love old things, items that tell a story. I have a collection of these that I infuse into certain facets of my work.  I have a unique attention to detail and a passion for creating beauty using ethically sourced, high quality materials. It is my hope you are inspired and feel the connection of our creative spirits joining together when you wear my jewelry and adornments.


Thank you for being here and being a part of my creative life!

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